We are an innovation factory building and backing solutions that aim to make the world’s cities a radically better place by revolutionising the urban mobility experience.


We are a group of engineers, scientists, artists and designers working together to turn new ideas into finished products that change the way we relate to urban mobility.


By 2040, we’ll have hundreds of millions of new mobility assets positioned or moving around the air and land of the cities and the corridors of our buildings. 


A mix of better data, machine learning, robotics, and yet-to-be developed technologies may unlock solutions that help us better understand and handle them in a more sustainable way.


Rethinking what makes us move

By 2040 most of the world’s population will be living in megacities, with physical and digital places interacting and creating an enormous ecosystem of available options to choose from. 


MoRo is developing technology to overcome the hassle of finding the right destination for the right person at the right moment, regaining human time for other creative activities.


Redefining the destination 

We are on the edge of a return to more natural interfaces that involve our fingers, voices, and bodies in space. As we bring more humanity back to computing, we will also be able to introduce more of our day life to our mobility activity.

MoRo is working on technology to make more people interact with their relevant digital content while moving.


Living while moving

We have started the Con-Project to help solve the interconnectivity hassle between the shared moving assets and the personal smart devices (phone, wearables, digital companions, etc.).


Linking the unlinked