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Mobility Buddy
Integrating mobility
with our lives.

MoRo is devoted in modernising the way we move within buildings & around the cities by leveraging our online footprint and facilitating a personalised  mobility experience.


Mobility offerings (e.g. car sharing, ride hailing, multimodal transport) and exactly the same for everyone, organised without taking into account people's different lives, needs and habits.

MoRo is set to create the connection between the mobility ecosystem and our connected life by providing a person-centric orchestration of solutions.

We build personalised mobility plans & insights by integrating user's life activities (e.g. fitness, schedule) with available mobility solutions and other contextual parameters (e.g. weather, traffic).

Our Products

Mobility Buddy is the first digital companion that supports users' day-to-day life activities by generating personalised daily and weekly movement plans tailored to their needs and habits, reducing time & wasted effort and contributing to better informed people with more pleasant day-life.

Solution for Individuals


Mobility Terminal is a B2B service platform generating and delivering hyper-temporal and hyper-local optimisation levers to businesses interested in the mobility ecosystem through a single integrated interface.

Solution for Businesses


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