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We help private businesses and public organizations transition to the Smart Mobility Ecosystem

We provide hands-on support to accelerate the mobility journey of companies and organizations from planning to execution, by offering a powerful mix of Business Strategy, Technical Domain Expertise, and Data-centric Solutions.

We work together with you on:



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We partner with our clients to create an outstanding team which brings together diverse backgrounds and help each other achieve something greater than us.

Products in motion

We love exploring new ideas

We serve our clients by providing the most relevant and updated consultation, and more than that, with actual deliverables. Throughout the years, capitalizing on our role and function, as well as our commitment to innovate for the best solutions, we are proud to have developed a range of fascinating products around the mobility domain!


  • OS & App Store for Connected Vehicles

  • Automotive R&D Experimentation Platform

  • Data ExchangePlatform

  • Transport Hub Retailer Optimisation Platform

  • Big Data Intelligence & Analytics Platform

  • Fear of transition a mobility company?
    This is a common concern for many businesses as the market is changing rapidly. We can support you to ease the journey through introducing the mobility ecosystem, analysing where it is most financially viable for your business and giving hands-on strategy and domain expertise.
  • Confused on how to optimise your data usage?
    Data is becoming a key advantage in the way you make decisions and deliver services. As data experts we will help to identify which data can be collected to support your business and how best to build robust systems to get the most out of it.
  • Afraid of investing in the wrong connected services?
    We have years of experience in this domain from the automotive and smart city perspectives. Moro Tech has been developing connected Tech since its birth and knows where and how to guide you to make the right decisions. We can also support in deploying low cost trial solutions to better help your evaluation.
  • Struggling to transform my organisation towards mobility?
    We are a company that thrives on finding innovative ways to engage people and technology.We know how to build companies and products. Using our experts and history we will work with you and your members to ensure that there is a clear vision and step by step approach for your business and organisation transformation.
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Let's create together

Get in touch and discover how MORO TECH can help you transition to a smart mobility future.

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