Industry Suite
We make products smart.

Industry Suite is a family of tools that creates value by reinventing a company and :

• Improves engineering decisions in R&D processes.
• Establishes 
predictive and informed way of working in Product Design.
• Supports cross-functional activities and decision making within Operations.


Answer to the increasing urgency set by high customer expectations & investors targets:

For Smart Products by transforming “dumb” to smart products with maximum possible intelligence.

For Smart Operations by transforming closed supply chains to open digital based ecosystems with minimum possible cost.

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Industry Suite as the preferred set of tools for the design, development and pre-market activities in Automotive.

Sector: Automotive & New Mobility. 

Customer Profile: World’s leading automaker
Investment Target: Implementing the transformation from car to smart car (multiple use cases applied)
Focus Areas: R&D activities, Product Design, Operations.

Connect Vehicles


to Data Communication Modules

Collect Data Sets


by creating vehicle activities


Create Use Cases

to manage and share data


Manage Devices

and optimise fleet operations

Benefit Enabled: 

  • Multi-million € cost avoidance & reduction.

  • Quality & efficiency improvement.

  • Faster response to market expectations.

  • Faster system development activities.

  • Components validation time reduction.


In December 2019, the Industry Suite project spinned-out from MoRo.

Today it’s Tomorrow, a data technology company with a clear mission:

to empower and prepare companies for the Industry 4.0 era.